stair love, 2011
hd video, ca. 4:50 min

A cat is unhappily in love with some stairs. A short, but dearly love against the backdrop of a droning interpretation of „Je t‘aime... moi non plus“. The music fades out, when the cat and a dog having a conversation. They talk about the nature of love in general and about the one between the cat and the stairs in particular. The cat is quoting from Charles Fourier‘s utopian writings: „nature wants a multiplicity of pleasures ... hence has invented love to endlessly multiply social relations.“ The dog isn‘t convinced yet...

stairs red, 2009 (bleached oak wood, MDF, lacquer)

As a messenger the dog announces: „The closure of civilisation against the wild first generated in its depths what it was meant to defend.“ 2009 (plaster, paint; three pieces, variable size)

stair red, 2009 (bleached oak wood, MDF, lacquer)

On the question of a contemporary realism and its critical potential. 2009 (photograph in a matt and black wooden frame, ap. 47 x 62 cm)